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School and daycare on Normal Schedule

Please observe accepted Covid protocols while on CBCS campus. Social Distancing and masks.

CBCS Positions open

Part-time Music Teacher

If interested please contact Dr. Martin at principal@cbcslions.com or call 813-689-6133


Follow Central Baptist Church on Facebook Sunday's or in person at 10:55 am and Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

School and Daycare on corona-virus distancing rules


Step Up Scholarships Accepted

VPK Spaces available. Spaces available in K3

Agenda Calendar 2021-2022

CBCS Agenda Calendar 2021-2022.pdf

School Lunch Calendar

 Lunch Calendar November 2021.pdf

CBCS Activity Calendar

 CBCS Fall-Winter Activity Calendar 2021-2022.pdf

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Use the Chalkable Cafeteria App. to monitor your students lunch activity. Cafe form:     Chalkable Cafe Form.pdf

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Enrollment Applications 2020-2021



Support Scrip! It doesn't cost you anything and raises funds for CBCS. Just plan ahead. Contact school for info. Bonus! No Identity theft when you use scrip Gift Cards!

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Enrollment Applications 2021-2022

Enrollment Applications 2021-2022 available at





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