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School and Daycare on normal schedule

Please observe accepted Covid protocols while on CBCS campus. Social Distancing and masks.

CBCS Positions open

CBCS is currently seeking qualified individuals to fill the following positions:

Part-time Music Teacher

If interested please contact Dr. Martin at principal@cbcslions.com or call 813-689-6133

Follow Central Baptist Church in person or on Facebook Sunday's at 10:55 am and Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

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Step UP Scholarships Accepted

VPK  A few spaces still available.  Spaces available in  K3

School Website    www.cbcslions.com

Agenda Calendar 2021-2022

..\CBCS Agenda Calendar 2021-2022.pdf

School Lunch Calendar

 Lunch Calendar November 2021.pdf

CBCS Activity Calendar

 CBCS Fall-Winter Activity Calendar 2021-2022.pdf


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Use the Chalkable Cafeteria App. to monitor your students lunch activity. Cafe form:     Chalkable Cafe Form.pdf


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Support Scrip! It doesn't cost you anything and raises funds for CBCS. Just plan ahead. Contact school for info. Bonus! No Identity theft when you use scrip Gift Cards!

Enrollment Applications

Enrollment Applications 2021-2022 available at




About Our SchoolCBCS Now uses  
Student LifeChalkable for the parent,
Preschoolschool, student portal
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Athleticslogin information.
RegistrationChalkable Cafeteria App.
For Student Lunch Activity
Use the Chalkable Cafeteria App. to monitor your students lunch activity. Cafe form:     Chalkable Cafe Form.pdf


At Central Baptist, Our Promise to you with your support is to provide Spiritual and Academic Training that will enable students to pursue God’s calling for their life though the Power of Christ.

We feel we have the perfect blend of curriculums to facilitate the best possible academic success. The main curriculums are A Beka, ACSI and Glencoe. The honors program in the middle school will allow students to complete high school courses in Math and Science. Students are challenged to excel through supplemental programs in math, reading and Florida Virtual School. Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year CBCS  added a High School with 9th through 12th grades. We support dual enrollment with HCC.

Striving For Excellence In Academics And Faith.

 School mission:  Distinctly Christian, Academically Excellent, Service Minded

                               We Are Central!

Central Baptist Christian School is fully Accredited all grades. We are" Accredited"  through ACTS ( Association of Christian Teachers and Schools) and NCPSA (National Council of Private School Accreditation).  All grades are  accredited through ACTS. We are in the Florida Christian Conference for high school sports FCC.  We are active participants in  Hillsborough County Christian Educators Association, and Florida Association of Southern Baptist Schools and Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS).


Step Up Scholarship students welcome

VPK and K3 available.

To Contact the school office

Call 813-689-6133 or E-mail





CBCS Positions open

CBCS is currently seeking qualified individuals to fill the following positions:

Part-time Music Teacher

If interested please contact Dr. Martin at principal@cbcslions.com or call 813-689-6133


Enrollment Forms 2021-2022  

Enrollment Applications 2021-2022 available at



CBCS Agenda Calendar 2021-2022

..\CBCS Agenda Calendar 2021-2022.pdf

School Lunch Calendar

 Lunch Calendar November 2021.pdf

CBCS Activity Calendar

 CBCS Fall-Winter Activity Calendar 2021-2022.pdf


 Push  For A Great  School Year   -

 Push  stay strong to finish strong

   Let us join together to continue a  strong and successful school year.  Keep Christ Central.

P   We have a Purpose and a Plan for our school.

U   Use your time wisely.

S  Serve the students, parents and one another in Christ.

H   Seek God's Heart. Help them Stay  strong!


School Calendars And Newsletters

Calendars 2021-2022


CBCS Agenda Calendar 2021-2022

..\CBCS Agenda Calendar 2021-2022.pdf


Use the Chalkable Cafeteria App. to monitor your students lunch activity.          Cafe form:     Chalkable Cafe Form.pdf


Past School Newsletters



Scrip Available

The school has a great fund raising plan and it doesn't cost you anything but a few minutes of your time and some planning. Across the country schools raise money through a program called "Scrip".  In fact some schools do so well with their scrip program that they don't do any other fund raisers! Merchants and businesses want to encourage education so they participate in scrip. They will donate back a portion of their profit's when a gift card to their business is used. Gift cards are available for  just about anything you normally purchase. The gift cards come in varied values and for a great many different businesses. You can see a partial list if you click on the links below. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. Scrip is available at the school and at our church events like our monthly lunches.

Avoid identity theft with scrip gift cards!

Scrip Sample forms   check with the office for current in stock availability

..\CBCS Scrip Order Form Front Page 1.pdf

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High School News

 Enrollment for 2021-2022 is in full swing!

High School News

 Enrollment for 2021-2022 is looking great.

 Our High School graduated another class.  They are headed in many directions but most are furthering their education with a great foundation provided by their parents and Central Baptist High School. Continue to pray for them and our school. We also have a great freshman class signed up for 2021-2022.  We have a full High  School going (9-12). Call the office for more details.

Welcome new ninth graders!

We are very proud of our seniors. They have come along way.

  We have a great curriculum and great teachers. Our Middle School and High School are fully accredited. Best of all though are the students and their supportive parents! They are great!


  Our Senior Class had a great senior trip  and a great Graduation event.  Our High school   competes in High School Sports along with other Academic benefits. We are signed up for several H.S. sports starting with volleyball and boys JV, varsity basketball and Soccer. Call the office for more details as we will continue to add more sports.

Our High School is fully accredited by ACTS

 ( Association of Christian Teachers and schools).





Check the Event Calendar for dates and times of all games

Sports Calendar available on   www.CBCSLIONS.com

Check Event Calendar for schedules

Soccer and Volleyball Schedule

Agenda Calendar 2021-2022

..\CBCS Agenda Calendar 2021-2022.pdf

Support our Teams!

Concessions are open for all indoor home games. All Beef Hot Dog's, Giant Pretzels, Pop corn, Corn Dogs, Ice cream, Drinks.  Chips, peanuts and candy are also available.

We need parents and kids to volunteer serving concession food. Contact Coach Williard.

Middle School and H.S. Softball Club

Girls Softball Club .



  Ethics In Education Update Click on pdf below

 ..\Ethics In Education  Update.pdf

Newsletter November 2017  ..\newsltrNov2017Final.pdf

Newsletter October 2017   ..\Newsletter October 2017.pdf

Newsletter September 2017



May Newsletter newsltrMay2017Final.pdf

                        April Newsletter  newsltrApril2017Final.pdf

March 2017 Newsletter  ..\newsltrMarch2017Final (2).pdf

       February 2017 Newsletter  ..\newsltrFeb2017FinalVersion.pdf

January 2017 Newsletter






"Central has such a loving family atmosphere. My children love to go to school now. I feel so blessed to be a part of this ministry. Christ is the center of everything here."


"There are so many extra curricular activities at Central. My children are involved in sports, band and drama right here on campus. The programs are so well organized and always with a loving Christ like approach."
" I taught at another Christian school before coming to Central. One of the biggest differences I noticed was at the other school students behaved out of fear of the consequences and at Central students behaved out of love and respect for their teacher."

Chalkable:  Parents, Students and  Teachers can communicate using our Chalkable internet system. Parents can track their students lunch activity through the Chalkable Cafe App .Parents and students must register to receive a screen name and password. Grades, calendars and activity information available  anywhere, anytime on the internet www.edline.net

  If you have a question about Chalkable and Chalkable Cafe contact Mr. Rudd or Bobby Alford or the school office

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Enrollment Applications 2020-2021 available at



 CBCS Fundraising. 

Don't forget to get your Scrip order each week. This is the best fund raiser we do and it doesn't cost you anything but a little planning time.


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  Church Information

New Church Website    www.cbcbrandon.org

To Contact Pastor West





Current Prayer list   Click on the pdf link below

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Sunday Bulletin

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..\Bulletin 11212021 inside.pdf

Focus On The Family Bulletin

..\Focus On The Family Bulletin outside.pdf 11212021.pdf

..\Focus on the Family Bulletin inside.pdf 11212021.pdf

..\Focus On The Family Bulletin outside.pdf  11082021

..\Focus on the Family Bulletin inside.pdf       11082021

Pray For CBCS Staff

..\CBCS Staff List 2021-2022.pdf


15 His Radiance Service Activity

Ladies service night. If you enjoy organizing please come on Monday night November 15th. Bring yor own dinner and we will eat together while we make plans to organize our OCC bins. We will then put together as many shoeboxes as we can with what we have. We can make note of what else may be needed to complete each box. Meet in the sanctuary at 6:30pm. Donations are needed to accompany each box. We will be praying over the boxes brought in by the school and the church prior to their delivery.


02 Deck the halls

05 Men's Bible study

11  Ladies Christmas Party

12 Ladies Bible Study

19 No faith builders ( Sunday school) 10:30 Church Service

22 Candlelight service

26 No faith builders ( Sunday school) 11:00 Church Service


.Directory Update: If you are new to Central or your info has changed fill out an update/ info card in the foyer. 



Central Baptist Church Youth and College/career Activities 

Leader  Rondi Guess

  Activities   Hours are  7:00-8:30pm for youth and Kids Central.

Wednesday Nights 7:00-8:30pm

Normal Schedule in effect

Youth's In Christ's Service

Youth's In Service

Hire a youth!  Are you tired and worn out from the hustle and bustle( what's a bustle?) of the work week? Do you just need a lazy Saturday with nothing to do but tell young people what to do and actually have them do it? Then hire a youth! They'll get'er done! Baby sittin', yard work, tree trimmin, leaf harvesting, cotton pickin, car/dish/dog washin' teens! You name it they'll do it provided it's legal and mostly safe. All money raised helps send them to Word of Life Youth Camp and other life and faith growing events.  If they collect enough they will bring them back too. See Pastor West or Rondi Guess  and they will connect you with one or more of the  youth's. 



Great Women Of Our Faith

Lottie Moon was a Baptist missionary to China in the 1800's. She gave her life for the Chinese people she was ministering to giving up her own food to the less fortunate. Annie Armstrong  was a friend  and collected money to help support Lottie Moon and others mission efforts. That is where the Lottie Moon Christmas offering for foreign missions came from that we participate in even to this  day.

Annie Armstrong

Around Easter Southern Baptists collect a special offering for  North American Missions. This is the Annie Armstrong offering. Annie Walker Armstrong (1850-1938) was a Southern Baptist believer who was very active in the Women's Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Church and helped to organize that organization as an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention. She was instrumental in organizing donations for the first Lottie Moon Christmas offering for Foreign Missions. She also promoted organizations for encouraging African American Baptist Women. Annie Armstrong is another example of how women of the Southern Baptist Church have been the backbone of our denomination, as they are to this day, as they labor to share the Gospel at home and around the world.

 For more info about Annie  and the Annie Armstrong Offering go to :


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Newsletter January 2018

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