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If you have a prayer request, please submit it
to our church staff. You can tell us face to face in confidence. You can share your need in Sunday School or at any time we meet. You can call the church office at 813-689-6133 You can also e-mail us at pastor@centralbaptistlife


We believe in God's gift to us of prayer. When God's people cry out for one another asking in His will He always hears and responds. Let us share the load in your burdens and needs together with our Lord Jesus Christ

     Weekly Prayerlist

Please Contact Darcie West to update the prayer list. Let her know when a person may be removed. We would also like to report on answers to prayer

 Click on pdf link below to see the current prayer List 


Current Prayer list   Click on the pdf link below


Sunday Bulletin

Current Bulletin May 1, 2022

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..\Bulletin 05012022 inside.pdf


Focus On The Family Bulletin

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..\Focus on the Family Bulletin inside.pdf 11212021.pdf

..\Focus On The Family Bulletin outside.pdf  11082021

..\Focus on the Family Bulletin inside.pdf       11082021

Pray For CBCS Staff

..\CBCS Staff List 2021-2022.pdf

Sunday Morning Prayer List


Pray like peoples lives depend on it, they do.

 Prayer For Missions

  Pray for Christians all over the world. Christians are under great persecution in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

   In our own country we read almost daily of schools, towns and even businesses where the enemies of God are trying to remove God from American life. They try to promote "freedom from religion" by taking away our "Freedom of Religion."  Resist! We are in the right.


Pastor Youcef's sentence was commuted but he continues to be harassed by the Iranian authorities.

Pray for Pastor Youcef Naderkhani sentenced to death in Iran for being a Christian. He refused to recant his Christian faith and accept Islam. Pray for his family and other Christians in Iran which has declared war on Christianity.

Pray for Christians around the world especially in Moslem countries and China where there is great persecution going on.

Our Friends and Partners in The Faith Around the World


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Prayer list For Co-Workers

if you have any co-workers that need prayer please contact Church office, Darcie West or James Sanchez    james_sanchez@msn.com

Pray for Christians in Iraq and China and around the rest of the world.


402 E. WINDHORST ROAD  •  BRANDON, FLORIDA 33510  •  OFFICE:  813.689.6133 OR FAX:  813.689.0011