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The Central Baptist Staff

We are both sad and excited that the Lord has lead Pastor David West to look ahead to an new phase of his Christian service. Pastor West has resigned as pastor of Central Baptist Church. We have prayed for him and his families future. Thank You Pastor West for the years of service you have blessed us with. Godspeed!

Sunday Sevice Guest Speakers

May 8 Pastor Orvin      Mothers Day

May 15  Pastor Travis Johnson

 Senior Pastor: Position Vacant as we search for our next pastor.

Email Address: pastor@centralbaptistlife.com


Church Secretary: Receptionost Cheri Craven

School Registrar  Cynthia Acevedo

Receptionist Office Manager  Cheri Craven

Finance Department  Dailin Mitchell

CBCS Family Accounts Manager    Viviana Santillan

Deacons : Stephen Bates

Trustees   James Sanchez, Edell Butts, Mario Acevedo

School Principal     Dan Martin

Maintenance Engineer James Johnson

Music ministry:

  Praise and Worship  Steve and Rosemarie Bates, Rebeckah Sanchez,

  Keri Proctor, Cyndi White, Caryn Martin, Donna Rogers

 Choir Leader: 

Praise Leader:

Youth Pastor:  Rondi Guess


Sound Techs.:, Lead Tech: James Sanchez: Associate Techs: James Sanchez, Jeremy Proctor, Ken Strasavich, Ezekiel Acevedo

Hospitality and Women's Ministries   Mandy Sherill, Barbara Johnson

Wednesday Children's Ministries: Jeremy and Keri Proctor. Cynthia Acevedo, Mario Acevedo, Mandy Sherill

P.M. Bible Study.  Wednesday 7:00pm .

Deacon On call

 Stephen Bates Home phone  Cell 813-244-7338









Current Prayer list   Click on the pdf link below


Please call the church office with prayer requests.

Current Bulletin May 1, 2022

..\Bulletin 05012022 outside.pdf

..\Bulletin 05012022 inside.pdf

Pray For CBCS Staff

..\CBCS Staff List 2021-2022.pdf

402 E. WINDHORST ROAD  •  BRANDON, FLORIDA 33510  •  OFFICE:  813.689.6133 OR FAX:  813.689.0011